a song of ice and fire.


moving day. no obligations, but if you wanna come along i'll be happy to have you back. thanks for the memories, babygirls and boys. see you on the other side ♥
a song of ice and fire.

happy bat mitzvah, tori.

So you want to pedo on 16 year old boys in spandex! A practical guide.
Or: Are you there, Johnny? It's me, filterpaper.

Has this ever happened to you!

You're sitting at home, browsing your favorite slightly pedophilic yet always stylish Korean boy band's latest videos, ready for some of that hot, nubile, underage action, when you notice: these boys are getting older. Are Onew's moves getting a little slower? Has Key's voice lost that not-quite-broken-in-yet charm? Is Taemin out of diapers? You, my friend, have fallen into the trap we at home like to call 'aging'. Don't panic, though; there's a simple solution. It's called Johnny's Entertainment, and we're here to help.

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a song of ice and fire.

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You're ugly, you're too fat, you're too skinny, you're a bitch, you're mousy, you wear too much make-up, you hide behind your hair, you talk too much, no one can hear a damn word you say, you laugh too loud, you never get the joke, you're clingy, you're cold, you're a slob, you're a perfectionist, you think you're the life of the party, you're always on the phone, your clothes are out of style, you're so vain, you're a slut, you're a prude, you're dumb, you're pretentious, you can't sing, your music sucks, you're such a nerd, you care too much, you're never there, you're distant, you're shallow, you're fake, you're a wannabe, you wish you were me, your legs are chubby, you complain too much, you never smile, you're hyperactive, you're stupid you're fake you're the worst person on earth you disgust me.

But hey, you know what? I bet someday, somewhere out there, someone's gonna realize they want you more than they've ever wanted anything else in the world.